Create your sense of color

Colors and personality: Each of us has a color that looks flattering on us, one that is more dominant than others. And the basis of this if figuring out whether your skin tone is Warm or Cool. Another tip is to go for shades that you receive the most compliments when you wear them.

The Play and Psychology of Colours


  •  A color that ignites passion, energy, and romance
  • Combines well with white, black, blue -green and beige


  • A sexy and alluring colour
  • Associated with power and elegance
  • Easy to coordinate with all colours
  • Denotes power, sophistication, and formality

Deep Green (bluish toned)

  • A harmonious and fertile colour
  • Rich and wealthy
  • Goes well with olive, blue-green and lighter tone of greenish yellow
  • Energetic with lemon yellow, pairs well with turquoise too


  • Denotes royalty, wisdom, dignity, mystery, and magic
  • Rich when paired with yellow, fuchsia and various yellow shades
  • Soften when paired with mauve


  • Symbolises dignity, power, and authority
  • Coordinates well with most colours; greens, blue-purples, blue-greens, mauve, reds, white
  • Brilliant with yellow shades


  • Conservative and natural looking
  • Matches well with beige, white and deep red shades


  • Symbolizes pure, peaceful, trust
  • Very versatile for coordinating with strong or light colors


  • A romantic colour, feminine and youthful
  • Coordinates well with navies, reds, dark basics or burgundy


  • A happy colour, clean and fresh
  • Coordinates well with black, purple, blue and white
  • Sprightly with blue green, pink and red purple


  1.  Always start by using plain colours as they are easier to coordinate
  2. Look at flowers, plants, sunrise/sunset, and the various beautiful creations of Mother Nature for colour coordination inspiration
  3. If you like florals, use in the same colour tone, try not to use the multi colours of flowers in your clothing or scarves until you are comfortable with your coordination of colours.