Justyou x Pink Ribbon

Just You x Pink Ribbon Empowerment Project

As a brand that is created by women and made for women, we aspire to be that brand that lifts other women. Through this passion project, we hope to empower women who are living with and living after breast cancer to improve their quality of life, and to form a healthier relationship with themselves through self-love.

While you may never be able to provide the physical and emotional support that they need, you can choose to empower and transform their lives for as little as RM10, and we need your help to make this project a success.

Your generous contribution will allow the Pink Ribbon Wellness (L) Foundation to continue to provide educational resources and support services to breast cancer patients, their loved ones and those in their support network, especially during these unprecedented and challenging times.

100% of the cash donations will be contributed to the Pink Ribbon Wellness (L) Foundation.

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