How to Wash Pleated Shawl – 8 Easy Steps

How to Wash Pleated Shawl – 8 Easy Steps

How to Wash Pleated Shawls?

Hey, Beyouties! So you’re a proud owner of chiffon pleated shawls, but do you know the way to treat them right with tender loving care, especially when it comes to washing?

Basically, you’ll require a more gentle approach so that you can wear them for a long time in the future. But not to worry, Beyouties, there are simple ways, which you can DIY or practice at home to successfully clean your shawls without needing to take them to the professional dry cleaning or laundry shop or kedai dobi.

Here’s the complete steps on how to wash a pleated shawl: 

1. Fill the basin with water.

Room temperature works the best for this.

2. Add mild detergent and mix to prepare the bath for your pleated shawl.

Mild detergent is a delicate cleanser for garments and cleanser for clothing or dishwashing that contains just surface-dynamic active formulas that disintegrate soil and oil. You can utilise mild detergent effectively to clean garments with your hands. In contrast to ordinary cleansers, which might contain compounds or abrasives depending upon the detergent.

3. Do not soak the pleated shawl

No soaking and no bleach is so that the shading doesn’t fade out. Washing it in cold water with things of the equivalent or dull shading so the color that blurs will not destroy your other garments.

hand wash your pleated shawl

4. Hand wash the shawl.

It is the gentlest way of washing things, hand washing garments builds the lifespan of materials by safeguarding filaments and itemising, such that machine washers can’t. Knowing how to hand wash garments is significant on the grounds that it’s the best technique to utilise when washing delicate fabrics.

5. Rinse the fabric well.

Use room temperature water until all the shawl is no longer foamy.

6. Press out the water.

Apply pressure on the shawl against the sink or gently squeeze to remove excess water. Repeat as necessary to make sure it is as dry as possible. Be sure not to twist or wring the item as it could ruin the texture.

7. Line dry the shawl.

Never ever dry your pleated shawl in a machine. Line drying is gentle on your shawl. Properly hanging your shawl to air dry will not only extend the life of your precious shawl, but will also prevent unwanted wrinkles or creases to your chiffon pleated shawl.

8. To dry faster, you can place the shawl on a dry towel.

Then roll up the towel with the shawl inside and squeeze if necessary to remove the water. Repeat a few times as needed. Change to dry towel as necessary for faster drying.
Remember to never iron chiffon pleated fabric as this will ruin the accordion effect on the fabric.  However, if you must remove wrinkles on the shawl, use a garment steamer. 

We hope these steps on how to wash a chiffon pleated shawl will come in handy for you, Beyouties! Checkout our store for interesting offers and quality shawls! 

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